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YSoft announces embedded terminal for Epson devices

June 6, 2018

YSoft Corporation has announced that YSoft SafeQ is now embedded within Epson Open Platform multifunctional devices.

 The YSoft SafeQ Embedded Terminal for Epson provides customers with a direct and “seamless” experience on Epson devices.

Prior to the YSoft SafeQ Embedded Terminal for Epson, Epson customers used YSoft SafeQ through an external hardware terminal. While an external hardware terminal is still available and provides a consistent user experience in multi-brand environments, an embedded solution uses the device’s own interface for activating scan, print, copy and fax operations. The Epson Embedded Terminal joins Y Soft’s family of Embedded Terminals supporting the world’s most popular brands.

The YSoft SafeQ Embedded Terminal enables organisations to manage and optimise print services across their organisation with secure pull-printing, cost reduction tools, productivity enhancing workflows and comprehensive reporting for monitoring and auditing usage and to highlight sustainability contributions.

Epson customers will also be able to take advantage of YSoft SafeQ’s latest features including Automated Scan Workflows. By transforming repetitive paper-based processes into automatic digital capture, processing and secure delivery to pre-defined locations, employees can focus on high value tasks improving the company’s productivity. YSoft SafeQ’s Automated Scan Workflows are capable of sophisticated processing – such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text indexing, text redaction and even allows for user input of meta data – further making the resulting scans useful and retrievable.

“Customers are looking for flexible solutions to meet the changing needs of their organisations,” said Adrian McLellan, business unit director of Business Imaging, Epson Europe. “YSoft SafeQ’s customisable architecture, modular features and sustainability tools align perfectly with the low running costs, reduced intervention and environmental impact, and high reliability of Epson’s business inkjet MFPs to deliver the perfect solution for businesses.”

“With the YSoft SafeQ 6 Platform for Growth architecture, we enable customers to leverage the solution’s features and the infrastructure as they need it based on the level of scalability, high availability and redundancy required,” said Vaclav Muchna, Y Soft CEO and co-founder. “It gives an IT department maximum flexibility to adapt for growth or change and demonstrates the breadth of our customer first approach.”


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