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Xerox’s Lynch talks GCC and Omani demand

April 15, 2019

(Credit: Muscat Daily)

In conversation with Muscat Daily, Chris Lynch, who serves as Xerox MEA’s Head of Production Technology, has been opening up about the company’s place in the GCC market and Omani demand for its products.

When questioned on the importance of the Middle East, specifically the GCC market, Lynch explained, “We believe the Middle East plays a significant role when it comes to digital transformation and developing innovating technologies.”

He went on, “The digital transformation era pushes printers to innovate and offer its customers long term benefits from print materials. “

When asked about the status of demand for Xerox products in Oman, Lynch revealed, “Xerox has seen tremendous growth in demand for its products and services in Oman, across the GCC and in fact throughout the Middle East. Commercial printers, in-plants, copy shops and print or print-related service providers are looking for new ways to grow their businesses, to enhance their services and to add value to their clients. Xerox is helping fuel that growth through the provision of innovative digital products and services, from entry level products like the Versant family of colour products, through to heavy duty presses like the Iridesse production press with its unique six colours in a single pass capability.”

Going into more detail about the Iridesse production press, he explained, “The Xerox Iridesse production press is the world’s first and only digital press that can print metallic gold or silver dry ink, CMYK and clear or white dry ink in a single pass. It has two in-line specialty dry ink stations allowing customers to create lucrative applications with spot colours, metallic and mixed metallic gradient. Iridesse eliminates multiple presses and processes usually required for print embellishments, increasing capacity and profits for customers.”

Tackling the question of how the Iridesse production press will benefit the GCC region, Lynch said, “The Xerox Iridesse production press will open new business opportunities for our partners and their customers while offering them an immediate competitive edge. Adoption of specialty enhancements is growing as developments in printing technology, like Iridesse, make embellishments and enhancements possible for more applications. In fact, according to Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends, digital print enhancement volume is expected to grow at a 27 per cent compound annual growth rate from 2015 to 2021.”

Finally, when asked how Xerox is “transforming digitally”, Lynch revealed, “At Xerox, digital transformation means helping businesses-great and small, transform the way they work and communicate, turning organisations’ paper documents and forms into digital content, automating manual processes and driving operational agility which improves customer engagement.”

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