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Xerox theft; guilty verdict

July 23, 2019

A UK photocopier engineer who worked for Xerox admitted stealing photocopier parts.

As Grimsby Live reported, Darren Konradsen acknowledged that he had stolen photocopier parts while working for Xerox as an engineer which theoretically could have cost Xerox £159,000 ($198,000/ €177,000) in profits. The actual parts, if not sold in retail, would be worth £17,000 ($21,000/ €19,000).

Darren Konradsen, based in the UK had debts and according to the Grimsby Live report, said to the court “he was just taking “little bits here and there” to help customers out”.

Konradsen was a UK based photocopier engineer from Xerox for 16 years and between July 2013 and November 2014, while working from home and visited customers directly to service and repair their machines.

According to Grimsby Live “a tip-off was received from a woman in August 2014 that he was stealing parts from the company and carrying out unauthorised work that it did not know about.”

An audit of Konradsen orders and monitoring of orders brought things to light.

Grimsby Live said that Rachel Scott who has been mitigating in the case told the courts, “that the parts were never sold at market value and Konradsen was trying to help customers he had built up a relationship with, “taking £20 here and there” to fix people’s printers.”

Konradsen was given 250 hours of unpaid work, three days rehabilitation and one year suspended prison sentence.

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