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Xerox spin-off branding revealed

October 10, 2016

conduentlogoThe OEM’s business process outsourcing (BPO) spin-off, Conduent, has seen its “global brand identity” revealed.

The OEM revealed that the “global brand identity” for Conduent is the “latest milestone in its plan” to split into two separate companies – Xerox Corporation, a document technology company, and Conduent – with the split expected to be completed by the end of the year. The OEM has begun the process of splitting, with the Conduent name said by Xerox to have been “inspired by the company’s expertise in managing transactional relationships between their clients and their constituents”.

In turn, it believes that the branding “reflects the way Conduent will work as an extension of its clients, helping them drive loyalty, retention and customer satisfaction”. It describes the new logo as “convey[ing] stability and complement[ing] the symbol while acknowledging a 30-year history supporting the critical operations of businesses and government”, while a “connection” between the ‘N’ and ‘T’ “reinforces that the constituent is at the core of the company’s business model”.

Conduent is set to have around $7 billion (€6.2 billion) in revenue and around 93,000 employees worldwide, with Xerox expecting it to be a “Fortune 500-scale business process services company with expertise in transaction-intensive processing, analytics and automation”. The split has yet to be given “final approval by Xerox’s board of directors, among other conditions” but is expected to be approved “by year-end”.

Ashok Vemuri, CEO of Conduent, commented: “Our brand identity signifies core ideas behind our company and the value we create for our clients. Both enterprises and governments are seeking ways to improve and modernize the way they interact with their constituents and clients. We are forming a company built around an unwavering focus on our client’s needs, delivery excellence and a set of core values – all in service of creating more consistent experiences and returns for our stakeholders.”

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