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Xerox scanning error occurs on higher settings

August 14, 2013

xeroxscanissueThe issue transposes numbers and figures on scanned documents.

BusinessWeek reported on the growing problem faced by Xerox in terms of the scanner issue, which The Recycler reported on last week, whereby numbers can change on scans of documents due, Xerox originally stated, to a fault with a lower scanning resolution settings.

Now however the OEM has revealed that some of the scanners “can alter numbers in documents even at the highest resolution setting”, stating that a “software bug for which it does not yet have a fix” is the underlying cause of the scanning issue. The embarrassment for the OEM comes as it had previously assured customers over the weekend that the issue would occur “only if the factory settings were changed to a lower resolution”.

With the admission that the error can occur at both factory and higher resolution settings, the OEM’s President of Office and Solutions Business Group, Rick Dastin, was forced to state that Xerox “continue[s] to work tirelessly and diligently to develop a software patch to address the problem”, adding that “we apologise for any confusion that came from our prior communications”.

Dastin added that “routine documents should still be reproduced perfectly”, and that “stress” documents – those with “small fonts […] scanned multiple times and hard to read” – are the documents that the error can occur on.

Computer scientist David Kriesel, who discovered the error when scanning construction plans on a Xerox MFP, stated that he was “honoured” that Xerox had contacted him to acknowledge the issue, and that they had asked him to test the first software patch, adding that he was “glad not to go down in history as the guy too dumb to read the manual”.

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