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Xerox partner’s newly-international support

August 21, 2018

Just Tech, an Accredited Master Elite Xerox Partner, has signed an agreement to sell its Support Connect app for Xerox MFPs internationally.

The agreement with Germany company e-dox will allow it to use and sell the app on its devices, reports CRN. The app allows users to request service and supplies, as well as providing feedback from the device user interface.

Once a service and supply request is sent, the Xerox service provider will instantly receive all the necessary information to resolve the issue, such as serial numbers, meter reads, supply statuses, and fault codes. According to the President of Just Tech, this will provide “faster resolution to service and supply incidents and increased uptime for demanding environments.”

The app is programmed to support users in multiple languages, and is installed in seven countries, working with Xerox’s ConnectKey, AltaLink, and VersaLink devices. This is the first time, though, that Just Tech has licensed an international partner to sell the app.

“I have known Marcus Putschli [e-dox President] for several years and I am so excited to partner with e-dox on our first international licensing app agreement,” said the company’s President, Josh Justice. “This will lead to further growth of the Support Connect App in Germany, and Xerox partners and end-user clients will enjoy the simplified process of service and supply requests.”

Justice continued: “It’s been very popular in the States for the last few years and we have thousands of installs. I’m so glad that [Putschli] embraced the Support Connect app for his company, and now partnered with us to provide it to partners and end users in Germany.”

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