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Xerox management shake-up benefits partners

August 16, 2018

In a recent interview with Channelnomics, Xerox Channels President, Pete Peterson, has been describing the positive impact the company’s management overhaul has made.

Following the installation of new CEO Jon Visentin, as well as the appointment of Mary McHugh to the role of Chief Delivery Officer and Steve Bandrowczak to EVP, COO and President, Peterson says “Xerox is working to become easier to do business with.”

Some of the things that have been challenges for Xerox for years, they’ve come in and identified how to simplify the business,” Peterson said of the OEM’s new leadership team. “Xerox has a great brand, with very innovative products and solutions, but at the end of the day we’re not, and haven’t historically been, the easiest company to do business with. Things they’re bringing to the table is what I would call ‘a speed of urgency’ all around simplifying and driving simplification across our business, which will absolutely have a direct impact on our channel business and a direct benefit to our channel partners”.

The channel chief revealed that the experience of both McHugh and Bandrowczak “aligns with the channel and SMB focus Visentin has outlined” in the company’s future strategy.

“A common theme among all the new leaders is a very strong channels background and very strong services background, so those are obviously key elements of what we do and what we aspire to do,” Peterson said.

Going ahead, channel partners of Xerox can expect “partner engagement with the vendor, both directly and through partner tools and portals”, resulting in “a marked improvement in terms of efficiency.”

Some of the things we’ve already kicked off in my 16 to 17 months at the company is a streamlined engagement with partners through our channel program, making sure that we have them focus on the things that are important to us, but hopefully equally important to them,” Peterson said. “We relaunched our global partner program here in late January, and the feedback has been very positive in terms of making sure it’s aligned to the strategic objectives of our company. It has also been simplified in terms of how partners engage with us so that they’re not having to bounce around in a myriad of different programs just to find the financial benefits that they need to drive their business.”

During the rest of 2018, Peterson explains that the OEM will be focusing on “leveraging the programs launched earlier in the year” as well as “making sure partners are fully versed in Xerox’s products”.

“In 2018 we’re on track to have a pretty solid year based on our performance, but we are also making sure that we are working on the things that will make this business even more attractive to the partner community in 2019 and beyond,” Peterson concluded. “That’s our focus for the next six to 12 months.”


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