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Xerox-linked site says “avoid” aftermarket cartridges and refills

September 24, 2014

Channelnomics says that consumers should avoid aftermarket cartridges as “they just don’t work as well” as originals, along with refilling.

Xerox Square in Rochester, New York

Xerox Square in Rochester, New York

The site, which is listed at the top as “presented by Xerox”, published an article entitled Avoid these print consumable pitfalls, in which it tries to give  advice on what to avoid when buying printer consumables, with specific mention given to “avoid[ing] aftermarket cartridges” and “eschew[ing] ink refills”, because they respectively “just don’t work as well” and have “well documented” quality issues.

The article states that advisers to companies “have a vested interest in keeping inferior ink and toner cartridges […] away from their clients’ printers, copiers and MFPs”, adding that “it’s become all too common for partners to dismiss the importance – and profitability – of genuine print supplies”, using the old saying “penny wise and pound foolish” as part of the “misguided effort to lower costs” by purchasing “cheaper aftermarket consumable alternatives or resort[ing] to refilling cartridges”.

It goes on to note that companies are missing out on a “profit margin” for selling genuine cartridges to clients instead of remanufactured or alternative supplies, and that “the conundrum of consumables choice is really no choice at all”, citing a recent survey by Campbell DeLong Resources that found 66 percent of business users “reported a variety of imaging problems […] when using third-party supplies”.

Specifically focusing on aftermarket cartridges, the site says “the short answer here is, they just don’t work as well”, and it refers to “independent testing” from SpencerLab and Buyers Laboratory, which compared Xerox originals to third-party inkjet and toner cartridges, with “the most shocking finding of all” being that “more than half of the machines loaded with aftermarket cartridges broke down before the testing could be completed”.

Other errors were said to include “toner leakage, unreadable prints, paper jams […] and premature failure of imaging units, transfer rollers and fusers”, with the genuine cartridges apparently yielding 27 percent more prints than what the site calls “knock-offs”. Turning to refills next, the article says that allowing refilling or using refills are a “transgression” due to their “well-documented” problems, including “lousy prints […] foul odours [and] cartridge failures”.

Channelnomics states its belief that “every printer requires a specific ink formulation”, and that this is a fact “ignored by most bulk refilling kits”, which are apparently “notorious for clogging cartridge nozzles” and causing further problems, adding that “refilling a cartridge even once without regard for the printhead can introduce a potentially costly liability into the print architecture”.

Summing up its points, the article states that “the best way” to maintain quality printing is “through the disciplined use of genuine, factory-authorised consumables”, and avoiding aftermarket cartridges “reduces wear and tear, lowers down time and produces better quality results”.

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One response to “Xerox-linked site says “avoid” aftermarket cartridges and refills”

  1. IanChai says:

    😀 This is hilarious!
    Xerox remanufactures cartridges themselves (

    The quality standards at our cartridge World store in Slough, UK, is very high. Our return percentage of faulty cartridges is currently less than 0.5%. And even then it has nothing to do with print quality or yield, but often is a chip issue.

    We have seen the Xerox remanufactured cartridges and found that the return-rate of faulty cartridges is 25%; as one cartridge of a set of four was giving lines down the page. We also found that another cartridge of that set was starting to leak. The customer added that they never get as many pages from these cartridges as the original HP ones.

    The statement by Xerox seems to be about their own remanufactured cartridges. Also important to note that some sellers or “advisors” try to maximise their profit margins by selling the lowest quality and cheapest cartridges for the highest price. These cowboys ruin the trust that consumers and business could have for high quality and sustainable cartridges from reputable remanufacturers.

    Finally I would like to add that some of our remanufactured cartridges tested to give a higher page yield and better print quality from the first page to the last page.

    Warm regards,
    Ian Chai (Cartridge World Slough)

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