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Xerox launches wide-format performance package

September 16, 2015

IJP 2000The new package for the IJP 2000 printer combines a scanner, image quality management software and FreeFlow Access Productivity tools for better image quality and new multifunction capabilities.

The higher image quality management corrects streaking and banding that result from varying printhead performance, a “common challenge” for high-speed, single-pass large format printers, allowing more high-coverage jobs to be produced faster, reported.

The scan-to-print and scan-to-file capabilities mean documents with handwritten notations can be scanned and then printed or filed, which is “a necessity for technical documents”. The performance package utilises the Xerox 7742 Scan Solution, which has an optical scanning resolution of 1,200dpi, with resolutions customisable at 50dpi increments between 100 and 1,200dpi.

Print speeds range from six inches/152mm per second for color to 13 inches/330mm per second for black-and-white. In turn, the maximum scanning width is 42 inches/1,067 millimetres, matching the maximum width of IJP 2000 media.

The IJP 2000 prints as fast as 4,520 square feet/420 square metres per hour, printing high-quality colour signs in as little as five seconds, 30-foot/9-metre banners in one minute and production runs of 200 prints in approximately 20 minutes, on media stretching to 42 inches/107 centimetres.

In addition, the Fotoba FHS42 cutter runs inline, allowing the IJP2000 produces full-bleed and multi-up posters, banners and signage, at those same speeds.

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