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Xerox joins Tax Reform Coalition

January 9, 2012

US coalition’s portfolio suggests a wide remit, tackling “issues related to corporate tax reform”.

Xerox Corp has joined the Tax Reform Coalition as a number of major US corporations form lobbying groups in an attempt to influence what has been described as “the hottest congressional debate over comprehensive tax reform in a generation” reports Reuters. Other high-profile members of the coalition include American Express Co., Intel Corp and Tupperware Brands Corp.

The coalition’s registration states it will have a wide remit, and intend on lobbying on “issues related to corporate tax reform” although members have declined to comment further.

John Buckley, a Georgetown University Law Center tax professor, pontificated that the most recent major US tax overhaul resulted in a similar outcome, with businesses forming coalitions to influence the process: “They were able to shape it [and] that’s what people want to do now.”

Reuters states “corporate groups face an especially sceptical audience in congressional Democrats, Representative Sander Levin of the Ways and Means Committee has said that some of the ideas under discussion would cause a further shift in the tax burden from the wealthy to the middle class” and President Barack Obama has criticised the idea of cutting taxes on overseas operations of US companies.

Other lobbying coalitions include the RATE Coalition and WIN America.

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