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Xerox hacked by Maze Ransomware?

July 2, 2020

A company called Maze Ransome operators claim to have hacked and encrypted Xerox files and have warned to release them.

A website called Security Affairs reported that Maze ransomware operators published in tweets screenshots which show “that hosts on “,” managed by Xerox Corporation, was hacked.”

In its “list of victims” published on 24 June, Xerox is shown as one of their hacked sites. According to the site, 100GB of data has been taken.

Security Affairs quoted the website, saying: “The Cyble Research Team has identified and analysed the proof. It consists of multiple screenshots showing the compromised server(s) files and data encrypted by the ransomware.”

According to Security Affairs, Maze ransomware operators gave Xerox 3 days to pay and respond, or otherwise the data will made public via its website.

Victims of this gang include LG Electronics, US chipmaker MaxLinear, Threadstone Advisors LLP, US military contractor Westech and the ST Engineering group and more.

If Xerox pay the ransom, the group said it will delete the files of their servers and supply the decryption key, so Xerox is able to restore the data.

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