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Xerox finally fixes scanning error

August 23, 2013

The OEM has released a software patch for the issue, which transposes similar characters.Xerox ColorQube 9300

Computer World reported that the fix, a software patch for the error, is designed for users of Xerox’s ConnectKey printers as well as the WorkCentre 75 and 57 ranges and the ColorQube 93 line. Another patch will be released next week that “covers the rest of the affected products”.

The fault was discovered by German computer scientist David Kriesel, who discovered that the scanners would incorrectly copy some numbers on certain settings, and whilst Xerox initially stated the error only occurred on low settings, it later admitted that the issue also affected users who used higher resolution scanning settings as well.

Xerox stated that the issue only occurred when “stress documents”, which it defines as those with “small fonts, are hard to read, contain stray pixels and/or have been scanned multiple times”, are scanned in its machines, with the issue not affecting printing, copying or faxing on MFPs.

A statement from the OEM added that it had “confirmed that errors can occur under a set of limited conditions when scanning” the “stress documents” to PDF, and noted that “given this finding, however uncommon, we have developed this patch which eliminates that possibility”. The company’s engineering team has “been working around the clock” to create the patch, and after conducting “extensive testing both in our labs and in the field”, the OEM concluded that it can now “assure a quality result and an easy installation”.

Rick Dastin, President of Xerox’s Office and Solutions Business Group, also stated: “I want to thank all of our customers, agents and partners around the world for working with us and providing feedback throughout this process.”

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