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Xerox discusses its cloud printing app

August 23, 2016

Xerox' WorkCentre 7970i

Xerox’ WorkCentre 7970i

The OEM’s PrintbyXerox app allows mobile workers “to print from anywhere and any device”.

ITWeb reported on the OEM’s South African distributor Bytes Document Solutions, who discussed the new app, with mobile technology having “significantly changed both where and how business gets done”, allowing workers to “work from virtually anywhere and at any time or place”. Despite mobile workforces prospering, people “still need to print”, and the cloud-based app “enables mobile workers to raise their productivity levels, regardless of where their business takes them”.

Shane Spies, Bytes’ Marketing Product Manager for Xerox Office Solutions, stated that the app “allows a user to email the relevant document to a universal address”, which can be “retrieved at any Xerox device that has the PrintByXerox application installed”, with the user simply entering credentials, and their “print queue is displayed on the device”. In turn, the original mail is saved “in the cloud”, so the job “can be released at any Xerox device around the world” with the app installed.

Spies notes that this means the app “should add enormous convenience to mobile workers across the globe”, with smartphone, tablet and computer compatibility and “no client software or print driver download” required. The app also “facilitates printing support for bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives” in offices, with Spies claiming that the app “provides robust protection at every level and gives organisations the security and control they require”.

This is achieved by “securely holding documents until the user logs in and chooses to release it for print”, and the app is installed on all i-Series devices from the OEM. Spies concludes that the app provides a “turnkey solution that is simple, convenient and secure, enabling us to deliver on our promise, which is to accelerate your productivity while simplifying your work life”.

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