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Xerox cuts another 85 staff

July 6, 2016

The OEM is laying off the workers at its Aurora healthcare support facility in Denver, Colorado.Xerox

Denver Post reported on the latest cuts at the OEM, with “most of the affected employees [….] pharmacy technicians”, and the cuts were said to be due to the “loss of a client”. Spokeswoman Coco Salazar confirmed that the jobs will be officially cut by 28 August, with the Xerox State Healthcare facility employing 180 jobs in total, with the “impacted business unit provid[ing] customer care support for a client”.

The OEM filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act letter earlier this week with Colorado’s Department of Labour and Employment, while Salazar added that the cuts are “unrelated” to the OEM’s forthcoming split into two companies. She also pointed out that “affected employees have the opportunity to apply to other positions within the company. We realise this affects individuals, and every effort is being made to ensure that all employees are treated fairly”.

Xerox has a total of 2,500 employees in Colorado, including sites in Colorado Springs, Greeley and Highlands Ranch. CEO Ursula Burns recently confirmed she would not remain as CEO after it splits, with the split into two separate businesses creating Xerox Corp, focusing on hardware and document technology, to be worth $11 billion (€1o.1 billion), and the business process outsourcing company Conduent, to be worth $7 billion (€6.4 billion).

Xerox expects the separation to “be complete by the end of 2016”, and for it to “maximise return to shareholders and align with current market dynamics”. A “strategic transformation programme” will also take place for three years in both companies, with Xerox noting that it has planned “as much as” $700 million (€624 million) in savings this year, and $2.4 billion (€2.1 billion) “over three years” after the split. As a consequence, its first quarter results were poor, with expectations missed and revenues falling.

Previous job cuts have been reported in the last few years, including: 148 jobs in North Carolina and Florida; 98 in Seattle; 84 in Louisiana, 495 and later 48 in California and New York; and 178 again in North Carolina earlier this year; 123 in New York and 468 in Texas in 2014; 25 in Virginia, 48 in Canada,  439 in Texas and 300 in Oregon in 2013; and 2,500 across the company in 2012. Recently however, it also announced it was hiring 545 people in California, and recalled laid-off employees in Colorado.

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