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Xerox awarded patent for toner process

August 31, 2012

Patent 8247157 for process of producing resin emulsions used to make toner issued to OEM. reports on the approval of a patent, originally filed in December 2008 by Xerox Corporation, which relates to “toners suitable for electrostatographic apparatuses and processes for making such toners”.

A more detailed summary of the patent indicates that it involves the process of “producing resin emulsions” which can then be used to “form toner particles”. It also involves the process of preventing the emulsions from degrading over time by monitoring and maintaining pH levels “from about 6.5 to about eight” by adding various chemicals to the emulsion.

The resin emulsions related to the process are used in “toner blends containing crystalline or semi-crystalline polyester resins with an amorphous resin [that] have been recently shown to provide very desirable ultra low melt fusing” ideal for high speed printing and lower fuser power consumption.

The inventors of the newly patented process are Kimberly D. Nosella of Mississauga, California; Enno E. Agur and Shigang Qiu of Toronto, California and Ke Zhou of Oakville, California.

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