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Xerox and McAfee partnership promotes network security

October 3, 2017

Xerox is scheduled to showcase its comprehensive approach to networked printing solutions security at upcoming McAfee event.

The McAfee MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit will be taking place in Las Vegas from October 17-19, and Xerox will be attending in order to highlight its comprehensive approach to networked printing solutions security.

A representative from the company, Xerox chief information security officer Alissa Johnson, will be joining forces with McAfee’s lead scientist and principal engineer, Christiaan Beek, to host a speaking session entitled ‘Securing IoT is not a Mission Impossible’. During this session, according to Xerox’s press release, they will explore “how those responsible for cybersecurity must consider threats to the IoT landscape as mission-critical components to their security strategy.”

They will also elaborate on the Xerox-MacAfee approach to IoT security, as well as McAfee’s whitelisting technology, which is embedded in all Xerox ConnectKey  AltaLink products and constantly monitors and protects against malware.

“The modern printer is a far different creature from the monoliths of the past or even the devices of last year. Smart printers have become high-value targets for attackers looking for network-connected devices to compromise,” said Eric Vanderburg, a security industry expert, consultant and author of Security Thinking Cap. “Xerox has always taken data and device protection seriously and is ensuring its printer security is comparable with that of other enterprise computing systems.”

Xerox security solutions span four key aspects: these are intrusion prevention, device detection, document and data detection, and external partnerships like McAfee.

“IoT is changing cybersecurity, as the enterprise must now consider the security of on-premise devices in addition to a new edge of their network – the home,” said Christiaan Beek. “Printers and smart multifunction devices have the potential to introduce threats to the network and security must be addressed proactively. McAfee is proud to embed our technology into Xerox devices to protect against even the most advanced adversaries.”

Xerox is a sponsor of the McAfee MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit and will demonstrate its leadership in device and network security, in partnership with McAfee, in booth 205. Johnson and Beek’s speaking session will be taking place from 2:30-3:20 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Oct. 18.   

Xerox is also a sponsor of the McAfee MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit in Amsterdam. This event takes place from Nov. 28-29.

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