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Xaar celebrates 25 years in the inkjet printhead industry

August 17, 2015

XaarThe company is sending a team on a 60-mile charity bike ride in October to mark the anniversary.

The ride, going from London to Cambridge, will raise over £2,000 (€1,803) for Breast Cancer Now, and Xaar is also taking part in Action for Children foundation’s Byte Night 2015 as part of its quarter-century events, PrintWeek reported.

Xaar began in 1990, with four employees in an office in Cambridge Science Park, looking to “develop and commercialise” digital inkjet technology, and it now employs 600 people worldwide. It retains three buildings in the Science Park, manufacturing facilities in Huntingdon and Jarfalla, Sweden and offices in Hong Kong, India and the US. It appointed a new CEO in January 2015.

Richard Barham, chief customer officer at Xaar said:“We are proud of what we have achieved over the past 25 years, but we couldn’t have done it without the influence that has come into being in Cambridge and not only our employees but also the high-technology support infrastructure that is available.”

“By linking our anniversary celebration with support of these charities we are giving something back to the society and the fact that we remain an energetic company with a strong motto to succeed.”


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