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wta Carsten Weser appoints new Collection Manager

July 11, 2017

Dimitry van Raamsdonk joined wta Carsten Weser as the Collection Program Manager on the 1st July and will be responsible within wta for the buying and selling of empties.

Dimitry brings with him a wealth of experience having started his brokering career over sixteen years ago when he joined Belgium-based Cartrec. In 2006 he joined Belgium-based Recyca BVBA, a leading collector in the French and Benelux region, as sales manager. 

Thomas Lentes, Marketing Manager, at wta, said: “Because of his wealth of experience within the market, we are happy to have won such a competent and market insider for us.” 

If you are looking to contact Dimitry van Raamsdonk, his new contact details are:

Dimitry van Raamsdonk
Collection Program Manager
Tel:      +32 14 91 99 60
Mobil: +32 4 73 22 60 63
Skype: D van Raamsdonk


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