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Working out your cost per page

April 9, 2018

LD Products has released a new blog aimed at helping customers calculate their printer’s cost per page.

Working out this cost can help users get a better deal when replacing printer cartridges, the blog states, and can by extension help reduce printing costs overall; “Simply stated, the higher the cost per page, the bigger your printing bill is at the end of the month!”

Cost per page is calculated using both the cost of a particular cartridge, and its page yield, the latter of which can be found on the side of the cartridge’s box. Nearly all printer brands base the yield on the presumption of 5 percent page coverage (where ink is printed on 5 percent of the page.) The percentage of coverage is also variable however, and printing full-page photographs, or lengthy legal documents, is likely to take up a higher amount of the page.

“Even slight variations in page yield and cartridge cost can mean a drastically different printing bill at the end of the day,” the blog declares, “depending on what printer you own.  Understanding cost per page will help you make a smart buy the next time you are shopping for a new printer!”

It adds that “the math behind it is pretty simple,” with the instruction being purely to divide the page yield by the cost of the printer cartridge. The blog adds that Black cartridges often have a slightly higher page yield than CMY ones, but the formula is the same – although if your printer takes four different ink cartridges for the four colours, the cost per page should be added together.

“The easiest way to cut down printing costs is to buy a printer that uses cartridges with a low CPP,” advises the blog, which suggests that although many OEM printers are reducing costs per page, compatible, or remanufactured, cartridges can reduce printing costs even more, “thanks to their affordable price point.”

The blog can be read in full, here.

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