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WordPress used by 52 percent of UK businesses

August 13, 2014

The content management system is trusted by over half of UK businesses surveyed.wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb

Whilst WordPress suffers from a “widespread perception of it being merely a blogging platform”, but The Recycler and a host of other companies utilise the service’s other features to build websites and content management systems (CMS), with the result of a recent survey finding that 52 percent of UK businesses trust WordPress as a CMS.

The survey, by domain name registrar, found that 52 percent of small UK businesses use WordPress “for their business website”, which the company notes “blow[s] away the theory that WordPress is a platform only suitable for blogging”. 94 percent of those using WordPress have between one and 50 staff, spanning a range of industries including web design, marketing, advertising, technology, IT and healthcare.

Daniel Foster, Technical Director at, commented: “Despite its origins as a blogging tool, WordPress has now evolved into a trusted CMS for businesses. The very fact it was designed as a blogging tool means that’s its simple to upload content and add pages plus it can be managed from any computer.

“The huge range of plugins available now means that business functions such as contact forms and PayPal integration mean that WordPress is really appealing for businesses and in particular smaller business owners who may have limited technical experience. At we have actually seen an increase in the number of businesses wanting to host their WordPress site with us and our research further proves that it is continuing to gain popularity with business users.”

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