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Wireless printing goes from strength to strength

December 19, 2017

While for decades wireless printing has been a complicated process, with new developments it has at last become a great deal more user-friendly.

As Larry Alton of RCRWirelessNews explains, although both wireless technology and printing have undergone various advances over the last few decades, until very recently, when the two were paired, the result was “slow and unreliable”. In fact, the implementation of wireless printing transformed the process of setting up a printer into what amounted to “an afternoon of frustration and troubleshooting”.

This was because the fusing of wireless technology and home printers rendered wireless printing’s usability “complex” as “the lines of communication became tangled.” Multiple devices were necessary, among them routers, modems and Ethernet switches, and if a device wasn’t compatible it could scupper the whole process.

These days, thanks to new advancements in technology, wireless printing is now much more stream-lined and simple, with the majority of modern printers designed to be able to connect to a network as soon as you enter the password.

Although this easy efficiency has been a long time coming, it looks like the wireless printing market is finally set to go from strength to strength, as a new report indicates.

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