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Wired profiles two “adorably tiny printers”

February 27, 2012

The technology website’s Gadget Lab feature BERG’s Little Printer and Adafruit’s “Internet of Things” Printer.

London design firm BERG and New York open hardware shop Adafruit feature in Tim Carmody’s Gadget Lab entry on technology website Wired. The post discusses the company’s respective “adorably tiny printers”, both available within the year.

Left, BERG's Little Printer. Right, Adafruit's "Internet of Things". Image attributed to Wired.

The BERG Little Printer was announced in November 2011 and, although has been demonstrated to journalists, is yet to have a price or solid release date beyond “2012”. The device connects wirelessly to a small box that plugs directly in to the broadband router and can be controlled via your phone.

The Adafruit “Internet of Things” Printer is a different proposition; aside from having a secured price tag at $90 (€67) and is shipping now, the printer is a kit the user builds themselves and is entirely open-source. The unit requires soldering and is connected by an Ethernet cable to a computer where you instruct it to run code.

Phil Torrone, Adafruit, commented: “We think this is a great way to learn how to build a physical object that does something based on what you code/ choose to trigger an action that’s online.”

Carmody concludes: “That’s what we might call a limited use case. Both printers are definitely still more adorable than directly useful. Who cares if we can’t precisely mark its value? It’s still hard to put a price on the ability to pull something out of the ether, hold it in your hands, give it to another person, and make them smile.”

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