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Wide-format ink supplier aids print company

August 29, 2014

Nazdar_Red_MonsterNazdar’s inks helped Red Monster offer “print prices that aren’t too scary”.

The print company, which has been in business since November 2012 in Cambridgeshire, UK, has aimed to save customers money on wide-format prints, and switched to Nazdar’s third-party inks after using OEM wide-format inks and “forking out full list price for every cartridge” on its second-hand Mimaki wide-format printers, which it uses to produce “outdoor and roller banners”.

After trialling the Nazdar inks, the company switched permanently to its third-party ink five months ago, and “hasn’t looked back”, establishing a partnership with Nazdar’s supplier APS as well. Red Monster noted that the switch has helped it “produce jobs that wouldn’t have been achievable before”, with savings of around 30 percent on wide-format inkjet cartridges as well.

Lewis Cromwell, Red Monster’s Business Development Manager, commented: “[W]e heard about a free trial of Nazdar inks and thought, ‘Why not?’. We did consider another third-party ink supplier, but they wouldn’t give us the opportunity to trial their product. When we tried the Nazdar inks, we saw no difference in colour or quality between them and the Mimaki inks.”

“We’ve had a relationship with APS for about a year. We first came across them when we heard about the Nazdar inks, and we’re now working with APS on a new solvent fabric which we’re hoping to use in the future for flags.”

Nathan Burnett, Head of APS’ Specialist Inks Division, added: “Red Monster Print is a textbook example of a business that has really benefitted from switching to Nazdar. It’s a young company that is making its mark in the local area, and every penny counts. By making savings on their consumables, they can ensure they’re offering the best prices to their customers.

But it’s about more than saving money – it’s also about maintaining a reputation for quality. We’ve helped them get the most out of their printer with full technical support, which can obviously be hard to come by when you’re working with a second-user printer.”

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