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Why MPS is a business benefit

August 21, 2018

When businesses have an ageing in-house fleet of printers, rather than purchasing new ones to replace them it could be more beneficial to consider a contract with an MPS provider.

As IT Pro reveals, there are a number of significant benefits which your business could accrue from opting for MPS, including improved security and a reduction in cost.

  1. Cutting down your expenses

While it may be tempting to keep to your old printers, the consequences of doing so “are sometimes hidden and can work at various levels, from running out of toner when you want to print an essential document, to the device breaking and your IT department being too busy to fix it.” By transferring to MPS, your business will receive “the maximum availability of print”, as an MPS provider “will look for ways to rationalise and consolidate your printers, replacing many old, large laser printers with a smaller number of newer, better distributed, faster devices or multi-function printers with all the necessary functions built in.” With this strategy, costs are “visible and predictable”.

  1. Increased efficiency

Older, slower printers are a waste of both time and money in the long run. When you sign up with an MPS provider, they will “look at where teams need specific capabilities, then will find the printer/s that will match those needs.” In addition, a truly top-notch provider “will go further and look at ways that the business overall can print more efficiently”.

  1. Reducing wasted time

A lot of valuable business time can go down the drain due to printer malfunctions of various kinds. If you have a contract with a reputable MPS provider, they should be able to help you minimise this wasted time by maintaining your printers properly and ensuring they keep running “with a steady stream of supplies”.

  1. Updated security

Security is a major concern for all businesses, especially in this day and age of virulent cybercrime. It is part of the job description of an MPS provider to make sure your business has the appropriate “security updates or rapid changes to firmware.”

  1. A greener option

As well as being better for your workplace, MPS is also more beneficial for the environment as MPS providers “look for ways to reduce waste, helping businesses make more effective use of more advanced printers and functions.” As a result, there will be a “drastic reduction” in wasteful print-outs, saving paper, money – and trees.

In addition, “more modern, high-quality draft and eco-printing settings could use up to 50 percent less ink than standard modes”.

To learn more about how MPS can benefit your business, check out IT Pro’s free whitepaper, available here.


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