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White paper on patent ‘trolls’ released

July 15, 2016

Dr Harvey Levenson

Dr Harvey Levenson

Dr. Harvey Levenson has made a white paper he’s written about the patent “troll” threat publicly available.

The paper is meant to “broadly educate the printing and affiliate industries on a matter of grave importance, and to render advice”, with Levenson adding that “I’d like our industry leaders to know that should they receive a threat of alleged patent infringement from a troll, and a demand for licence fees, they are not alone, and that there is recourse”.

He also stated that the white paper – A case study of patent abuse: printing industry faces new nemesis impacting growth and employment – patent trolls – “brings together the contents of the three articles I recently wrote on the patent troll issue”, as well as including “all of the detailed research procedures along with a list of cited literature, and explicit advice on what to do, and not do, if faced with a patent infringement litigation threat”.

Levenson has previously written articles about the issues of patent “trolls” – the three that make up the paper – which The Recycler reported on in March, April and May, and also recently hosted a webinar – Patent protection for graphic arts technology users and OEMs: patent trolls BEWARE! – which covered the “growing nemesis” of the patent trolls “facing the graphic communication industry that all printing companies and [OEMs] are vulnerable to”.

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