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West Point Products adds auto-toner fulfilment to MPS software

March 14, 2014

The remanufacturer and MPS provider added the software upgrade to the Axess suite.west point products

The service, called Axess Auto Toner Fulfilment (ATF), allows the company to “completely automate” the cartridge ordering process by using a “proprietary software application” that gathers data from printers before using an “algorithm to determine a toner cartridge needs replenishing”.

In turn, the system then “automatically notifies” users when toner is getting to a low level, and “orders and ships new products” to them after doing so. The company enhanced the Axess service last year and signed an agreement with ECi FMAudit earlier this year.

Ray Loisel, Senior Vice President of MPS at West Point Products, stated: “By automating the toner fulfilment process, West Point Products will help dealers reduce staff time, manual processes, and expense associated with order entry and tracking.

“The Axess ATF program will enhance the supply fulfilment process by setting printer specific thresholds that trigger proactive end-user communication and order notifications. This is the missing link for many MPS programs to improve the process of just-in-time toner fulfilment and profitability.”

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