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WECARE4 change name to Armor

May 18, 2016


The cartridge specialist has changed its name six years after being acquired by Armor

WECARE was a well established name when it was acquired by Armor and the decision was made to associate it with Armor but not to change it so as not to lose the trust of its client base. Since then Armor’s name is well known and the change can be made without loss of trust or customers

Before the acquisition Armor remanufactured laser cartridges but did not have the technology to remanufacture inkjet cartridges which is why they became partners and WECARE4 shared its expertise and leadership in that field. The partnership saw Armor Office Printing become “the European leader for the three alternative printing cartridges technology”.

In the last four years Armor have been developing sales in Northern Europe where WECARE4 already “had a strong presence”. The companies have been focused on fully integrating their operation systems, expertise and policies. Significantly, this integration has led to an important industrial site in Poland.

Armor said that “the name change will of course have no impact on our Dutch customers and the team will be eager to continue to provide top quality products, great savings and the best services for the WECARE4 brand or private labels”.


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