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Website urges businesses to evaluate MPS providers

April 30, 2012

Business 2 Community website highlights importance for businesses to assess MPS providers’ “expertise”.

The article suggests that due to the variety of areas covered by a managed print services contract, it is important for businesses to “carefully evaluate the expertise” of MPS providers to ensure that they are well suited to the organisation.

Mike Cohen, Vice President of Sales at Brother, is reported to have commented: “The first thing an end user needs to do is find an impartial services provider that doesn’t have a bias toward a particular manufacturer […] ask the printer-agnostic reseller to come in and evaluate what you have and take a look at how you can optimize your printing.”

Evaluating the service provider’s ability to perform “thorough and accurate audits of the existing printing and imaging infrastructure” by requesting reports that they have created is also recommended, as well as noting the provider’s printer security knowledge, with the article adding: “The right service provider can help IT managers instruct users about security best practices for printing environments, as well as advise organizations about useful technologies, such as data encryption solutions that protect files being temporarily stored on an MFP’s internal hard drive.”

Helping the client to draw up cost-cutting plans, such as setting two-sided duplex printing as default on MFPs and limiting access to colour printing to certain departments, are listed as another indication of a good MPS provider, along with knowing which equipment to refresh or replace to increase productivity: “Be wary of a managed services provider that recommends a costly rip-and-replace solution […]instead, a consultant may be able to suggest how an existing but still reliable printer that is being replaced by a workgroup MFP can offer a performance improvement for a finance manager who needs a dedicated unit for privacy or security reasons.”

A final method of assessment suggested by the site is for IT managers to ask for quarterly reviews, enabling them to gain an insight into how effective the provider has been in terms of cutting costs and improving efficiency.

The site also detailed the benefits of MPS programmes earlier in April.

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