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June 30, 2020

It’s been a long time coming and it is not as exciting as a Space X launch, but we can finally unveil The Recycler official podcast!

Hi, I am Stefanie Unland, The Recycler’s Editor and Publisher.  It is no secret, well it certainly isn’t now, that I am a bit of a self-taught Gintologist and if it’s not a real word, it should be. A visit to the Oxford Artisan Distillery last year, a book and a listen to a podcast and I produced my first bottle of gin. The thing is, I shared the podcast with family, friends and other Gintologists and the podcast is a popular place to learn about gin, all things gin, botanicals, distilling, you name it and the podcast has it.

I thought “we can do that” and the gem of The Recycler podcast was born. While we are always working on the direction of future content at The Recycler, we did ask the question would you listen to a podcast? The answer was yes.

Each podcast will take two or three topics and our panel will get into the detail and share some insights that the news missed. Our podcast Chairman is David Connett, former editor and publisher of the Recycler and now a Partner at Connett & Unland. Our resident panellist is Peter Mayhew, Senior Analyst and Director at Lightwords. The Recycler’s version of Statler and Waldorf. The third spot on the panel could be you. If you want to join the conversation and share your insights with our audience, just let me know at and we will fix it up.

“Finally the opportunity to bring a different and lighter analytical perspective to the current affairs of our industry!” commented Peter Mayhew, Senior Analyst at Lightwords Imaging. “We’ve been guest hosting The Recycler Live events for many years and developed a format to move from presentations into conversations with the audience. Realising there was so much more to so many subjects which never makes it into the news, we were delighted when The Recycler asked Lightwords to contribute to the podcast.”

Back to SpaceX and the podcast back story. We thought it is a simple task to do a podcast bearing in mind that none of us are audio engineers and have not had the benefit of training at the BBC, but like making gin or launching SpaceX you just have to get into it. 

I found a ten-year-old microphone in the loft that worked fine in an analogue recording device, but was as silent as the lambs, on our digital Macs. So, we used the built-in microphone, some free software and a skype connection and we were in business, except that Skype can be problematic and the built in microphone seemed to change audio levels on its own accord. Not to mention that we have no idea about audio editing.

Practice makes perfect they say, and we practiced, bought new podcast microphones, changed to Adobe Audition for the audio editing, we are still using Skype and we now have three podcasts under our belt and an awful lot of deleted failures.

If you would like to participate in an upcoming podcast, let us know at

Have a listen and feel free to leave any comments and suggestions about the podcast at But be kind we are still experimenting with the technical side to perfect our podcast.

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