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VOW announces Kyocera anti-counterfeiting partnership

June 17, 2016

kyocera_logo_3039-200x51The dealer has said it is “supporting and working with Kyocera to tackle the threat of counterfeit products in the UK”.

Dealer Support reported on VOW’s partnership with Kyocera on the OEM’s recently launched campaign to “educate customers and partners on the risks incurred by buying counterfeit consumables”. This campaign, which has recently been updated by the OEM and seen more information about challenges, comes in response to the “rising scale of the problem”.

An increase in the amount of counterfeit cartridges seized year-over-year has also fed into this, with VOW telling its resellers to contact their account manager “for further details”. Stuart Bleese, Category Manager for Technology at VOW, noted that “these counterfeit products are made to painstakingly replicate all aspects of the original products, from the branding to the packaging, which makes it extremely difficult for people to spot the ‘fakes’.

“Moreover, they’re sold at tempting low prices, making them an attractive alternative to genuine products. However, the consequences of using these counterfeit products, either in error, or knowingly as a cost saving, can be hugely detrimental to quality and output. Simply put, it’s dangerous to use or for resellers to sell to their customers as there is no way of knowing what’s inside a product. The only way to be sure that you are purchasing a genuine product is to do so from an official KYOCERA partner such as VOW”.

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