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Vertical printer idea discussed

November 28, 2012

Potential of using vertical printers to increase printing speeds discussed by technology website.

An article by ITProPortal’s Desire Athow discusses how changing the paper delivery mechanism from landscape to vertical could lead to printers achieving faster print speeds.

Athow notes that “the two factors still getting in the way of faster printing are the speed at which the ink dries and the paper delivery mechanism used by most printers […] implementing a vertical delivery method, wherein sheets are fed vertically using gravity rather than horizontally, could be a simple way of reducing the peskiness of conventional paper delivery mechanisms”.

Adopting this printer design alongside the use of a printhead that covers the longer side of a paper sheet could be of further benefit, Athow adds, as the distance the printhead has to travel to the chute would be reduced.

Weighing up the pros and cons of changing the conventional design of printers from horizontal to vertical, Athow says that while a vertical printer would be “taller and potentially posing difficulties in the integration of scanning capabilities”, it would also use less space than a traditional printer model, be “much quieter, because the only moving part required would be the one pushing the paper sheets through the chute, past the printheads” and could lead to further development of duplex printers “using two printheads placed in front of one another with the sheet passing between both”.

The Recycler reported in May of a “conical” printer model concept designed by Yang Jae Wook that also aimed to minimise the amount of space required to accommodate the printer “without losing functionality”, with paper being folded to a curve and toner being top loaded into the device. The paper is then designed to revolve around the toner while receiving the printed information.

Also, in October 2011 The Recycler reported on the launch of Lexmark’s Genesis printer, which has an “unusual upright design”.

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