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Van Klaveren helps out seal rescue charity

December 18, 2014

The cartridge collector will give money to SRRC Pieterburen for every cartridge or mobile phone recycled.Zeehondencreche-022

Groningerkrant (Dutch) reported on Van Klaveren’s Eeko brand’s alliance with SRRC Pieterburen, which rescues stranded or injured seals, with empty cartridges and mobile phones collected by Eeko for recycling raising money for the charity.

The site notes that consumers can “save seals with empty cartridges and old mobile phones”, with the fee from recycling cartridges “donated to the seals”, and dropping off the cartridges and phones “is easy and free”, with the charity noting that schools and businesses “can participate” in the fundraising through depositing used cartridges and phones in a collection box at the SRRC site.

When the collection box is full, Eeko will pick it up “for free”, with “the environment spared” as well as helping to make seals “healthy again”, and the site adds that SRRC “wants to involve as many people” as it can in helping the seals it rescues, with “more of these types of initiatives that focus on a healthy environment” and seal welfare to be developed “in the near future”.

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