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Utec’s new remanufactured cartridges

January 3, 2019

The company’s latest releases are described as offering “vivid colour performance” and “stable image quality.”

Utec also claims that its remanufactured colour laser cartridges will deliver right to the last printing page.

The first remanufactured laser cartridge released by the company is available in all four CMYK colours, offering a page yield of 2,500 pages in black and 2,000 in CMY. The remanufactured cartridge is for use with the Lexmark CX310N/CX310DN/CX410DE/CX410E/CX410DTE/CX510DHE/CX510DE/CX510DTHE.

Secondly, Utec has released another remanufactured laser cartridge, again in all four CMYK colours, offering page yields of 4,000 (black) or 3,000 (CMY). This is for use in Lexmark’s CX410DE/CX410E/CX410DTE/CX510DHE/CX510DE/CX510DTHE/CS310DN/CS310N/CS410DTN/CS410N/CS410DN/CS510DTE/CS510DE.

Thirdly, the company has also released a remanufactured laser cartridge, for use in Lexmark’s CX510DHE/CX510DE/CX510DTHE/CS510DTE/CS510DE. Also available in all four CMYK colours, this remanufactured cartridge offers page yields of 8,000 (black) or 4,000 (CMY).

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