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Utec’s new compatible toner kit

November 15, 2018

The company’s new release is for use in various Lexmark machines.

The compatible monochrome toner kit features what Utec describes as an “innovative design,” providing “stable sharp black printing during the whole duty cycle.”

The kit is for use with the Lexmark MX812/MX811/MX810/MX711/MX710 Series and the Lexmark MS812/MS811/MS810/MS711/MS710 Series.

It is the latest release in a busy spell for Utec, which earlier this month unveiled a range of compatible copier kits for use with various Canon models, as well as a range of compatible toner cartridges for use in multiple HP and Canon printers; these followed the release of compatible colour toner cartridges for use in several Konica Minolta machines, in October.

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