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UTec warns Inkpool is not an “authorized” Print-Rite distributor

May 11, 2012

Iris Ngo, UTec General Manager

The aftermarket company sent out an official announcement stating it is not affiliated with distributor Inkpool, which has claimed to be a distributor of UTec and Print-Rite products.

The announcement, sent on behalf of UTec by its General Manager Iris Ngo, states that the company has “recently become aware” of Inkpool’s “unauthorized” claim to be “a global distributor of Print-Rite brand compatible inkjet cartridges”.

UTec, the only authorized “master distributor” of Print-Rite products, informs that it has “never appointed, authorized or granted any license to a company named or affiliated with “Inkpool” to market or distribute Print-Rite” products.

The announcement continues by adding that UTec “disclaims, and shall not be liable for, any liabilities, claims, damages or demands of any kind” that arise from the sale of products by Inkpool that it claims are Print-Rite products. The company notes that in turn it is not responsible for “infringement of proprietary or intellectual property rights of any third parties by products sold or distributed by Inkpool”.

UTec stated that it welcomes information specifically relating to communication from Inkpool in which the distributor “represents itself to be an authorized distributor”, and added that it “reserve[s]” the “absolute right” to take legal action against companies that “misappropriate or infringe the Print-Rite trademark”.

If you have been privy to any communication from Inkpool, let UTec know by contacting them at

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