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UTec distributes updates on Canon patent case

July 13, 2012

Remanufacturer predicts Canon will continue to pursue patent cases on the success of its current gear lawsuits.

UTec has issued its latest press release detailing its analysis and predictions of the Canon patent case, noting the strength of the OEM’s patents, and predicts that Canon will continue to seek additional cases on the success of its current gear lawsuits.

Noting that “many firms have decided to settle with the OEM rather than engage in a protracted legal battle”, only a few “notable exceptions including Green Project and a group of companies affiliated with Clover Holdings” have remained to contest the matter.

UTec comments on the strength of the OEM ‘803 and ‘454 patents, covering “the design of the twisted-prism couplings, or gears”, and identifies them as “the very same patents that Canon sued 10 Ninestar companies and 10 of its channel partners for violating back in June 2010”. In short succession, each company settled with Canon and subsequently agreed to halt sale of the infringing products in the US.

Encouraging companies that sell third-party supplies to “avoid selling cartridges that use gears which may infringe any Canon intellectual property as well as any of the OEM’s other patents”, UTec predict that “it is very likely that once Canon has settled its cases against the various firms that have violated its gear patents, the OEM will begin looking for companies that do not respect its other patent.

“It is not likely that Canon will stop prosecuting companies once it has tasted success in the gear lawsuits.”

Canon has recently begun actions against an undisclosed German importer, seeking over $2 million ($2.4 million) plus costs and damages for cartridge sold dating back to 2001.

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