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USITC issues General Exclusion Order in Canon case

July 1, 2013

USITC_building - CopyThe order was issued on 28 June against companies stated to have infringed Canon’s toner gear patents in the USA, with the case reaching its conclusion after 18 months.

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has issued a General Exclusion Order (GEO) against a number of companies said to have infringed on Canon’s toner cartridge gear patents in the United States, with the companies yet to have settled in the case now subject to the order.

The GEO in essence now prohibits the “unlicensed importation into the United States of toner cartridges and components” that “infringe one or more” of Canon’s patents corresponding to toner cartridge gears, with the case coming to light last January. A host of companies settled the case with Canon throughout the past year and a half, including Clover, Green Project, and

The USITC added in the GEO that the order will be in effect “for the term of the subject patents”, which is until March 26 2016, when the patents expire. UTec stated last week that it was not affected by either the GEO or the case itself, with Managing Director Arnald Ho reassuring customers that the company would still be able to import products into the United States.

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