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US refiller moves to improve business

January 21, 2013

Salem-based Ink N More moves location after adding to its products and services. reported that Ink N More, owned by Larry Holisky, has moved from its previous site in the city to another over the New Year.

The store was previously located in the city’s Terry Towne Plaza, but has now moved to Quaker Square, with Holisky noting that the change was made during the holiday season, with the new store opening on 2 January after closing on Christmas Eve.

The company has recently started to offer mobile phone repairs for consumers, with further plans to add new services and products to the company’s retinue, which is mainly concerned with refilling inkjet cartridges. The company is also planning to hold a discount sale running to 10 percent to celebrate the opening of the new store.

In a discussion with the outlet, Holisky stated that he opened the store five years ago “to fill his own need for inkjet cartridge refills at a decent price”, adding: “I was going to another local inkjet cartridge refill shop at the Southern Park Mall, and then one day they were gone.

“Every time that I went there, getting my own inkjet cartridges refilled, I thought it was such a great idea and a great way to save money, so hence, there is now Ink N More in Salem.”

Holisky notes that “people have been pulling up to his old location and wondering where he went”,  but adds that the new location of the shop is “easier to get in and out of” for consumers.

Floridian refill company Re-Ink recently announced plans to open a new store in the Lake Mary area in the state.

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