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US printer provider discusses printer market

January 10, 2017

ost-logoOffice Systems of Texas (OST) discussed the continued demand for copiers and printers.

In a press release, OST said that the fundamentals of business today are copiers and printers, and that most businesses want MFPs, which save money as one piece of equipment is doing the job of many. Because of the nature of these printers, OST advises that they require expert servicing and not “DIY method[s]”.

OST is an authorised Epson reseller, and says that it has “been working for the past 39 years” providing document solutions, and is up-to-date on technology and document management, providing “premium solutions” and printer service in Houston. The company also offers business equipment and software solutions, and supply OEM equipment and parts, and provides certified technicians who are well-trained. OST also uses Net Promoter to “ensure […] customer satisfaction”.


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