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US companies launch MPS financing

January 18, 2017

GreatAmerica Financial Services and Print Audit have launched the “first seat based billing financing contract”.1212595659_Print_Audit_logo

MPS Connect reported that the two companies, respectively “the largest independent small ticket national commercial equipment finance company” and an MPS software provider, have partnered “to present the market’s first” seat-based billing (SBB) financing options for MPS, with office equipment and imaging dealers now having “the option to finance managed print agreements under a seat-based model”.

The two revealed that they worked together to “ensure that all SBB variables were considered”, with Print Audit forming the Seat Based Billing Council, made up of “over 29 dealers and partners”, to “design the world’s first SBB model for managed print”. GreatAmerica meanwhile “was a charter member of the group and worked closely” alongside Print Audit in developing the “SBB financing agreement”.

SBB offerings, the companies added, are “already being used in other adjacent markets such as managed IT services”, as the model has “unique benefits and considerations that are different from the traditional” cost per page (CPP) model. They concluded that “as more and more office equipment dealers begin to offer SBB to complement their traditional practices it is critical that they have access to partners who will support them”.

Tawnya Stone, Vice President of Strategic Technology at GreatAmerica Financial Services, commented: “GreatAmerica is proud to lead the way with the world’s first financing agreement designed specifically for SBB and the office technology dealer. As more dealers offer SBB for managed print they will require support from their partners to ensure they can craft deals in new ways. Financing is a critical piece.”

West McDonald, Vice President of Business Development for Print Audit, added: “Print Audit is focused on saving the office equipment industry through transformation. In order to accomplish this strong and innovative partners are critical. We’re excited to know that dealers now have the ability to finance SBB specific deals. GreatAmerica has definitely led the way here and it’s exciting for the industry as a whole.”

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