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US cartridge retailers form JetEx Inc.

January 21, 2015

rapidrefillcoloradoRapid Refill store acquires LaserPro II, with new business named JetEx Inc. and Colorado Springs Business Journal reported on Rapid Refill’s acquisition of and merger with fellow US industry business LaserPro II, with the combined company to operate as JetEx Inc. LaserPro II’s main focus is printer repair and selling remanufactured toner cartridges, while Rapid Refill sells remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges.

Rapid Refill is not the national franchise, but the original store from which the company originated, with Mike and Ilene Warner investing in and helping to start the franchise in 2004, before selling their interest in 2006 and keeping the name, continuing as a franchisee. On acquiring LaserPro II, they decided to change their name to JetEx, which “was derived from LaserJet Experts”

The two businesses are based in Colorado Springs, and the new company will operate from Rapid Refill’s base in the city at 17 North Circle Drive. Co-owners of Rapid Refill, Mike and Ilene Warner, told the site that they acquired LaserPro II to “eliminate duplicate expenses, expand their product offerings and serve more customers”, and JetEx Inc. will offer “in-store printer sales, copy services, shredding and office supplies” to its combined customers.

Additionally, Bill Price, former owner of LaserPro II, will serve as General Manager of JetEx, while retail store manager Kristine Simons will continue in her role, as will “all employees” of both LaserPro II and Rapid Refill.

Ilene Warner, now Vice President of JetEx, commented: “It just made good sense to combine the companies and utilise the talent of each employee. We are excited and happy to help our customers print smarter and save up to 30 percent on their ink and toner cartridges, and to provide printer repair services in our community.”

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