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US cartridge company helps community charity

September 2, 2013

John Snyder and Niki Shadrow Snyder. Credit: Maui Weekly

John Snyder and Niki Shadrow Snyder (left). Credit: Maui Weekly

Platinum International Products and Services LLC helps contribute 90,000 meals per month to mission and community shelters through purchase of toner cartridges.

Maui Weekly reports that California-based Platinum International Products and Services, which sells compatible printer cartridges made in the US, donates a portion of its monthly proceeds from the sale of the Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner to its “sister philanthropy organisation”, Project Pop Drop, helping to contribute to feeding thousands of meals since 2011 to the needy.

The company, which is owned by husband and wife team John Snyder and Niki Shadrow Snyder, explained that it recycles the Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner “at no charge for clients” that would otherwise go to landfill.

Niki Shadrow Snyder commented: “Every month, we feature a different mission or community shelter to deliver food, medical supplies, clothing, etc. We are proud that we have also inspired other companies to participate in Project Pop Drop. And we can donate more with more toner orders each month -that is the goal.”

She added that with each print that uses Pop Drop Platinum Series Toner, the customers “save money and make a difference in the environment as well as the community”.

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