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US bank prevents waste by using remanufactured cartridges

July 16, 2013

environmentCalifornia-based New Resource Bank takes a more sustainable approach to business, with 90 percent of its wasted diverted from landfills in 2012.

Environmental Leader reports that US bank New Resource Bank has announced in its first sustainability report that during 2012 it was able to stop 90 percent of waste from heading to landfills, with the firm now aiming to increase this to 95 percent of waste.

Efforts made by the bank include purchasing remanufactured toner cartridges and recycling all resources, including composting of food and plant discards. Its employees are instructed to print double-sided pages and are educated on resource conservation and pollution prevention, ensuring that minimal waste is generated during events and meetings. They are also offered training programmes on “proper waste diversion practices and resource conservation ideas”.

To reach its goal of diverting 95 percent of waste from landfill sites, New Resource Bank purchases chlorine-free office and janitorial paper and “collateral with 100 percent recycled and post-consumer content”.

Describing itself as “the premier bank for people who are leading the way to a more sustainable world”, New Resource Bank takes a number of other steps to maintain its sustainability, including operating from its LEED Gold-rated headquarters in California, running on-going initiative to reduce the consumption of resources, encouraging community contributions and educating and engaging customers in sustainable practices.

Another goal of the company is to have a “loan portfolio invested 100 percent in businesses that are advancing sustainability”, with 74 percent of loan commitments and 69 percent of loans outstanding at the end of 2012 being “mission oriented”. It now focuses on “lending to businesses with green products and services, businesses that are committed to improving their operational sustainability, and sustainability-oriented non-profits”.

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