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Uninet celebrates 10 years in chip manufacturing

October 7, 2016

The company stated that it is “the most innovative chip technology manufacturer”, offering a “wide global selection of more than 5,000 chip models”.uninetauthlogopmsweb

Uninet added that it has celebrated 10 years of “innovative chip technology manufacturing”, and that this “legacy, combined with its impressive R&D capabilities, has introduced multiple product releases through the years”, such as its ASiC Smartchips, which have been “awarded as Best Quality Product featuring zero-components ‘SoC’ System-on-a-Chip”, as well as the “most reliable zero defect hardware”.

Another of its chip products is the Universal Superchips range “comprised with multifunctional and multi-region capabilities as well as patented worry-free technology”, and the ASiC Encrypto range, with “firmware change resistance and true cutting-edge technology among others”. Uninet pointed out that it has “been a pioneer in chip technology offering quality, versatile, and IP-protected product solutions”.

In turn, it notes that it “continues to be a reliable partner in addressing the most crucial concerns in chip development encompassing reliable System-on-a-Chip “SoC”, OEM cutting-edge technology, zero defect rate, and much more”. As part of the 10th anniversary, it is “relaunching” the ASiC Smartchips product line “with a campaign comprised of several product releases”, and will be “unveiling a new free Chip Catalogue” with over 5,000 products available online, “featuring the most extensive product range in the industry”.

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