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UK’s fastest-growing recycling company named

November 30, 2012

Redeem Ltd. tops Chartered Institute of Waste Management’s Waste Fast 30 list of fastest-growing recycling companies in UK.

Allmedia Scotland reports that Scottish recycling company Redeem Ltd. has been found to be the UK’s fastest-growing recycling company as listed by the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM)’s Waste Fast 30, which is compiled by Catalyst Corporate Finance.

Redeem Ltd. is a WEEE recycler, dealing with a range of used electronics from mobile phones to printer cartridges for mobile network operators and clients across nine European countries, with the company refurbishing, reselling or recycling the used products whilst “driving sustainable business growth through innovation, empowerment and ethics”. It has moved from being sixth place in the list last year to claim the top place in 2012.

Claes Svensson, CEO of Redeem said: “I am delighted that Redeem has taken first place in the Waste Fast 30 chart. Redeem operates in a market segment predicted to show substantial growth as corporates and consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental and economic benefits of electronics recycling.”

He continued “The company has a history of innovation in providing sustainable solutions for its business partners. I am looking forward to continuing to oversee ambitious growth as Redeem and forging new partnerships which will deliver environmental benefits to clients whilst adding value to the customer lifecycle.”

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