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UKCRA submits report to remanufacturing inquiry

September 30, 2014

The association has submitted its report on the UK cartridge remanufacturing industry to the UK government inquiry.ukcra

UKCRA, the United Kingdom printer cartridge remanufacturing trade body, has recently submitted to UK Parliament their 35-page report on the UK printer cartridge remanufacturing industry. UKCRA’s submission is a very thorough and wide-ranging view of the cartridge remanufacturing industry, and encapsulates UKCRA’s views of the barriers to remanufacturing in the United Kingdom.

The UK Parliament’s All-Party Groups for Manufacturing (APMG) and Sustainable Resource (APSRG) called for evidence as it investigates the growth potential for remanufacturing across all sectors of UK industry. The final report will be published in December 2014 and will include recommendations for how the UK government can further encourage the uptake of remanufacturing and promote the circular economy. UKCRA representatives that actively helped with the inquiry will be invited to Parliament for the launch of the report in December, and will in turn provide a follow up of government findings to the members.

UKCRA is confident that the government, if they are serious about promoting remanufacturing, will act in putting measures in place that will achieve the obvious benefits and move forward responsibly for a sustainable outlook to the future.

The Recycler previously reported on UK MP Caroline Spelman’s views on remanufacturing in the UK, and on Kleen-Strike’s Laura Heywood’s perspective on the inquiry.

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