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UKCRA responds to EU circular economy consultation

July 23, 2015

ukcraThe UK association “welcomes the opportunity” to respond to the public consultation on the EU’s circular economy plans.

The European Commission (EC) revealed in January that it would ditch its circular economy package, but then released a 12-week public consultation in late May for its “ambitious new approach” and “the main policy options which […] will feed into the development” of the circular economy. Earlier in May the EU “promis[ed] a better and even more environmentally-friendly alternative proposal”, to come later this year, aiming to deliver “a clear and ambitious political vision combined with effective policy tools [to] drive real change”.

European trade association ETIRA also stated that it is lobbying the EU to “promote reuse” in its forthcoming policies on the circular economy, and UKCRA has also now responded to the consultation with a 55-page submission, noting that “for many years the UK remanufacturing industry has been a founder and supporter of resource efficiency and the concept of moving forward towards a circular economy. UKCRA welcomes the opportunity to respond to the EU public consultation on Circular Economy.

The association added that “one of the comments mentioned in the 55-page submission is how the remanufacturing industry has risen to the challenge and has adapted and maintained a leading position in the development of tools, techniques and methods for the remanufacturing of cartridges and associated products. The printer cartridge remanufacturing industry is perhaps one of the oldest and most well-established reuse sectors in the EU.

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“It is our experience that many of the difficulties and challenges faced by organisations or sectors new to reuse have already been experienced, and in some cases overcome by our particular industry. We believe that our perspective may provide a useful contribution to the current consultation on circular economy”.

Laura Heywood, Secretary of UKCRA, also commented: “We will address the huge environmental and economic potential that cartridge remanufacturing offers over ‘new-build’ toner and inkjet cartridges and suggest further EU regulation or incentives that may be considered to enable cartridge remanufacturing to play its full role in the circular economy.”

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