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UKCRA publishes Industry Impact Assessment

January 27, 2015

ukcraUK cartridge remanufacturers association’s Impact Assessment published ahead of new UK WEEE regulations coming into effect from 1 January 2016.

The study looks at the impact of the European Recast WEEE Directive on the UK cartridge remanufacturing industry, and follows the government’s recent proposal that cartridges will come within scope of the UK WEEE Regulations from 1 January next year; potentially affecting third party remanufacturers, OEMs and clone manufacturers.

The Impact Assessment has been written by an expert in competitive strategy, ecodesign and environmental assessments, providing a unique perspective on how the remanufacturing industry may evolve under the new regulations and covering what UK remanufacturers need to do in order to become compliant.

The study provides a comprehensive view of the industrial and commercial landscape, from comparing carbon footprints of remanufactured and OEM cartridges, to life cycle financial and carbon costs of managed print services provided by remanufacturers and OEMs, and through to the familiar technical and commercials barriers with which the remanufacturing industry is so familiar.

Noting that the landscape is at a point of “pivotal change” as a result of the Recast WEEE Directive, with remanufacturers, OEMs and clone manufacturers expected to be affected, the assessment covers the factors driving the changes and how they are working, what results may emerge from the changes, and how the remanufacturing and OEM industries might respond as a new industrial landscape breaks through.

Among the changes highlighted by the study are changes in regulatory focus, changes in long-standing technical and commercial barriers, new business models, new routes to market, and new generations of MPS.

UKCRA stated that its Impact Assessment “is a must-read for anyone interested in the future of remanufacturing”. Copies of the Impact Assessment can be purchased directly from UKCRA by emailing

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