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UKCRA discusses WEEE2 compliancy

October 2, 2015

UKCRADr Michael Gell presented a new report on how to comply with the waste regulations, while representatives of compliancy scheme Comply Direct also gave a talk.

The United Kingdom Cartridge Remanufacturing Association (UKCRA) held a members’ meeting this week, with Keytec (represented by Jacquie Baker and Armor (represented by Sean Loftus) becoming members.

Gell’s talk introduced his report, which detailed how the amount of cartridges that a small producer can handle is affected by which cycle they are on, as well as addressing some specific scenarios with answers from the Environment Agency (EA).

The Comply Direct representatives mentioned the dual use of cartridges, in business and at home, clarifying that the majority of cartridges come under the household B2C category. They emphasised their own role as a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS), offering a dedicated account manager to each of their subscribers and an anonymous Q and A service for clients who have queries for the EA.

They also said that the deadline for signing up to a compliance scheme for WEEE2 is 15 November 2015. More information on these talks will be available in a feature on WEEE2 in issue 276 of The Recycler.

Laura Heywood, Director of Kleen Strike, and Gell, also reported on an event they attended to discuss remanufacturing as a whole in the UK. Gell said that the initial interest from British businesses has been overtaken by a felling “that the circular economy is very complicated”, which has led to companies shying away from the initiatives and proposals the government has put forward.

Gell encouraged the aftermarket audience that the “tide is turning” as government and end users become better educated about the benefits of remanufacturing, while Simon Gilchrist from BCMY suggested that the remanufacturers focus on creating a “benchmark” of standard for their industry to be able to compete effectively with the OEMs.

Heywood suggested to the delegates that they think about forming an R & D collaboration, possibly through UKCRA, as this is an idea that emerged at the meeting.

Vicent Van Dijk was there from the European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturing Association (ETIRA) , reporting that ‘re-use’ is currently the buzz word in the European Union, where the new Commission has replaced the legislation proposed previously. He also mentioned how OEMs get around voluntary agreements supposedly respecting the aftermarket by an ‘innovation clause’ which makes newly-released cartridges harder for remanufacturers to access.

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