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UK wide-format specialist launches solvent inks

September 21, 2015

AtlanticAtlantic Tech Services has launched the ColourSure range, which is designed to improve print quality and reduce annual ink-use costs, with clients already reporting 40 percent savings on OEM alternatives.

The range has improved jetting properties for wide-format inking systems and printheads, extending printhead and printer life, PrintWeek reported. The ink is available in 440ml cartridges and one-litre bottles, priced at £59 ($91/€81) and £79 ($122/€109) respectively, and is for use in the ColourSure Eco Bulk Inking system.

The range comprises CMYK, light cyan, light magenta and two whites. ColourSure is said to be ideal for indoor and outdoor uses and capable of withstanding long periods of outdoor exposure, Atlantic stated, while offering an environmentally-friendly solution. The company further suggested the ink as an alternative to Roland Eco-Sol Max, Mutoh Eco Ultra and Mimaki ES-3 Eco Solvent ink formulations.

Keith Pratt, Director, said: “The inks allow users to utilise existing colour profiles to avoid the costs and downtime in creating new profiles. We do service support to Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki printers and supply finishing kit to sign and digital industry such as laminators and trimmers. Customers said they also wanted consumables.”

He added that clients report 40 percent savings with the new range over OEM inks and that “they are the enjoying colour vibrancy and less problems with blocked nozzles.

“The inks flow through print systems easier, so the amount of in-house cleaning has gone down and we are seeing a drop in service calls.”

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